Cooking with my Children

Over the years my children and I have cooked many meals together. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way.

Good helpers: Getting three meals on the table each day is time consuming and a lot of work. Children helping divides both the time and the work. Not only are they learning to be good helpers in the kitchen, they’re learning the important life skill of cooking.

Let them do fun stuff. A child’s interest wanes quickly if the only thing he gets to do is peel vegetables and set the table, so let them knead the dough and stir the soup and fill the pastries.  They’ll enjoy cooking.

The mess is worth it. Especially when they were all younger, it was mandatory that we cooked supper altogether on most school days. This prevented squabbling or making messes in the other room. Most times the help outweighed the cooking messes.

The mess is NOT worth it. Sometimes the stress and mess of little cooks just isn’t what Mom can handle right then. If we are getting dinner company or the day has already felt like 3 days, it’s just easier to not have little cooks in the kitchen. And that’s okay! Quiet toys and books or playing outdoors is a good alternative.

Cooking good relationships. There’s good food being cooked and relationships are being built. Working in the kitchen together provides comradeship, opportunity for good conversations and much happy memory making.

Have fun cooking together!

Why I have a Piggy in my Bathroom

What are some great, inexpensive, convenient, simple items that make your life easier?

Here are 3 of mine; not in any particular order or preference or convenience.

1. A piggy bank in our upstairs bathroom. In any random place in our home–on the floor, under couch cushions–I find coins. They go into the piggy bank. Easy cleanup, no fuss about whose quarter it really was (unless of course we know for sure it belonged to said person.)

2. A “return-it bag” on a hook in the front door closet. When I’m finished with something I borrowed, or someone forgot an item at our house, it goes into the return-it bag. The item is less likely to get lost and more likely to be returned sooner than later.

3. Notebooks. I have many notebooks and journals going at the same time, each with specific purposes, which I pile in stacks at my current work station. Daily to-do’s, writing projects, health journal, homeschool journal, etc. I buy lots at back to school sales or find them at yard sales sometimes…and put them to good use!