The Fehr Family Series

A series of children’s chapter books based on true accounts of our family’s life experiences. Come join us as we learn about God’s care and plans for our lives as we homeschool. More books are coming!

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Book 1  The Fehr Family Seriesdad

Daddy on the Mend

Andrew stood stiff and alert beside Daddy’s bed. Little Sharilyn stared with wide eyes from Mom’s arms. Christopher clung to Mom’s skirt, and Megan gripped Grandma’s hand. Daddy opened his eyes and smiled a little at Andrew. “God is taking care of me,” he said. But his voice was not the strong, cheerful Daddy-voice that Andrew was used to hearing. All summer, while Daddy’s broken leg heals, Andrew and his family learn about God’s care, their church family’s love, and about being patient and kind. Daddy on the Mend is a true story the whole family will enjoy.

 Book 2 in The Fehr Family Series

More Trouble Than Trouble Creek

more-troubleSplash! Andrew sucked in his breath as he felt cold water on his back and legs. The water wasn’t’ deep, but it was cold and muddy. He scrambled up the back, his sopping shoes slipping and skidding. He scowled at his sister. “Megan, this is all your fault!”

Andrew and his siblings are having trouble getting along. They argue, call each other names, and sometimes avoid each other. Daddy and Mom have a solution for the trouble in the family, but can Andrew learn to show love to his brothers and sisters?