Pelee Island

Last Wednesday evening at the Leamington dock–a 15 minute drive from our place– we boarded the Jimaan Ferry and sailed the 13 kilometers to Pelee Island.

Thursday Jake, Andrew & Christopher replaced a window for a customer. The rest of us stayed at the cottage where, I, in the breezy sun-room, conquered my writer’s block, praise the Lord. =)

Pelee Island is the largest inhabited island of the Lake Erie Archipelago, a cluster of islands in the western Lake Erie basin. This tear-drop shaped island is approximately 4,400 hectares in size and is the only Canadian island in the basin that is inhabited year-round.

The southerly climate provides a haven for a myriad of unique and rare-to-Canada plants and animals, and is a stepping stone for over 250 species of migrating birds that cross the lake each spring and fall.  The newest bird frequenting the island is the Pelican, originally from Florida. We weren’t allowed to get too close to them lest we disturb their nests.

Flock of pelicans on the Fish Point sandbar

Saturday morning we enjoyed an adventurous tour of the perimeter of the island on a Zodiac rescue boat.

The island was beautiful, but we couldn’t go too close to it’s shallow shores. We went as far south as Middle Island, the most southern point of Canada.

Joshua’s wind-blown hairstyle

Walking the Fox Pond Trail

The island has approximately 300 year-round residents who make their living farming, working in the winery, renting out their cottages, etc. I was blessed by the slower pace and the friendly people; you rarely passed a person who didn’t smile and wave.

The islanders were tickled that hundreds of people came to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. I’m thankful to live in a great country like Canada, and I praise God for the freedoms He gives.

 Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

“God keep our land glorious and free.”

O Canada, I pray for thee.

My Favourite Poem about Motherhood

This poem blessed and encouraged me many a time when my children were small; I couldn’t read the whole thing through without shedding a tear. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Sheaves                                                          author unknown

Some say that my life is so narrow,  

Environed by four square walls;   

And ever across my threshold      

The shadow of duty falls.       

My eyes wander oft to the hilltops,        

But my heart ever stoops down   

With passion and love for my babies                         

Who, helpless, cling to my gown.

In the light of each new day dawning,  

I see an evangelical stand;     

And to fields that are ripe for the harvest,   

I am lured by a beckoning hand.      

But I have a small part with the reapers,                

Small place in the soul-stirring strife;  

I must care for the babes at my fireside                      

And teach them the lessons of life.

I must answer their eager questions,                         

From childhood to early youth;                                          

I must lead them in paths of wisdom                           

And guide them in ways of truth;                                      

I must nourish their souls and their bodies                 

With untiring, watchful care,                                       

Take thought for “the loaves and the fishes,”             

And the garments which they must wear.

But at night when the lessons are ended                      

And the last little prayer is said,                               

When the questions are asked and answered               

And I’ve cuddled each sleepy head;                           

When the nameless unrest has vanished                    

That has troubled my heart through the day                    

I will kneel in the midst of my children                      

And humbly and thankfully pray:

“Dear Lord, when I come with the reapers                     

To Thee at the set of the sun;                                     

When the sheaves of the harvest are garnered,                    

And life and its duties are done,                                         

I will lay at Thy feet these, my children—                     

To my heart and my garments they cling;             

Though I might not go forth with the reapers,                                                       

These—these are the sheaves that I bring.”

Why I have a Piggy in my Bathroom

What are some great, inexpensive, convenient, simple items that make your life easier?

Here are 3 of mine; not in any particular order or preference or convenience.

1. A piggy bank in our upstairs bathroom. In any random place in our home–on the floor, under couch cushions–I find coins. They go into the piggy bank. Easy cleanup, no fuss about whose quarter it really was (unless of course we know for sure it belonged to said person.)

2. A “return-it bag” on a hook in the front door closet. When I’m finished with something I borrowed, or someone forgot an item at our house, it goes into the return-it bag. The item is less likely to get lost and more likely to be returned sooner than later.

3. Notebooks. I have many notebooks and journals going at the same time, each with specific purposes, which I pile in stacks at my current work station. Daily to-do’s, writing projects, health journal, homeschool journal, etc. I buy lots at back to school sales or find them at yard sales sometimes…and put them to good use!